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We love to
surprise you

Pizza's Chicken

Lucious Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza (6" & 8")
Red Chick Pizza (6" & 8")


Flavor That Soars!

Buzzit Burger
Mini Tornado
Chicken Cheese Burger
Big Byt
Big Bangg Burger
Blazing Burger
Grill D Burger
Big Blazing Burger


Tender Temptations Await

6 Fillets

Chicken Meal for Hunks

Burrpy Meal

10 Juicy Chicken Strips, fries and Coleslaw

Buzz Meal

3 Chicken Strips with Fries and Coleslaw

Wrapstick Pops
The Perfect Starter

Chicken Wraps

Wrap & Roll in FlavoR!

Fryday Wrap
Chicken Cheese wrap
Addy Wrap
Chicken Submarine Wrap
Rocket Wrap
Roll D Wrap

Fried Chicken

Indulge in Juicy Elegance

Fultoo Drumstick
Fully Loaded Meal
Tiny Meal

Chicken Charcoal

Coal & Roll in FlavoR!

Shawarma Classic
Shawarma Peppery
Shawarma Westeren
Shawarma Snacker
Shawarma Platter
Turken Wrap
Turken cheese Wrap
Turken Snacker
Turken Kebab Platter
Turken Spicy Wrap
Lebanese Kebab wrap
Lebansese Peppery wrap
Lebanese western Wrap
Lebanese snacker
Lebanese Platter

Eggs on the Flame

A Sizzling Culinary Adventure

Eggzotic Shawarma
Eggzotic Snacker

Side Orders Veggies

Freshness on the Side

Veg Fillets
Paneer Fillets
Cauli Pops
Veg Pops
Tangy Wrap
Satis fries

Thick Shake Smoothies

Indulge in Juicy Elegance

Frosty Mango
Frosty Blueberry
Frosty Choco
Frosty Coffee
Frosty Hazzelnut
Frosty Orange
Frosty Black
Frosty Strawberry

Veg Burgers

Savor Nature's Bounty

Big Delicio Burger
Maxi Burger
Penny Burger
Jumbo burger
Veg Delight Burger
Yummy Burger

Veg Pizza

Garden Fresh Delight

Olpino pizza

Pizza topped with Jalepeno and Black Olives

OTC Pizza

Onion Tomato Capsicum Pizza

Veg Wraps

Slice of Veggie Paradise

Tangy Wrap
Paneer Maxicana
Chilly Wrap
Paneer Twister
Munchy Wrap
Fairy Wrap

Veg Charcoal

Garden Fresh Delight

Paneer Shawarma
Paneer Snacker
Soya kebab Snacker
Soya kebab wrap

Add ons

Delectable Food Additions

Toumaya Dip ( Arabic Garlic Sauce)
Chilli, Mayo, Salsa Chipotle dips
Pita Bread
Toasted Bun

Exquisite flavors crafted with precision,
our hallmark is quality. From signature spices to meticulous preparation, savor every bite of our exceptional and wholesome culinary delights.


Authentic, time-tested formula for
our unique culinary creations, cherished for its originality and unparalleled taste that defines our brand's distinctiveness.

Franchise Model

Enjoy our offerings completely free from
any royalty fees, now and forever. Experience premium quality without any additional costs or charges

Our Own Home
Delivery Model

Experience the Delight of Wrapstick Delivered to Your Doorstep.