Our menu

Chicken Burgers

Chicken burger ka Bapp, 5″ Extra large xtra chicken burger

Sophastication of Chicken dipped in cheese

Dhuan nikaal de !!

fully loaded chicken burger

Double decker chicken patty burger

Extra Hot & Spicy Mini Chicken Burger

Spicy marinated Juicy Chicken Burger

Chicken Fillets

Chicken Meal for Hunks

10 Juicy Chicken Strips, fries and Coleslaw

3 Chicken Strips with Fries and Coleslaw

The Perfect Starter

Chicken Wraps

Fry your day with tender chicken marinade

Smooth chicken Keema Wrap

Must try Chicken wrap topped with smokey grill sauce

Directly from Tandoor

Chicken Wrap takes you to the sky

Juicy Chicken rolled in our signature Tortilla

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Drumstick marinated with our unique secret spices

Whole Fried Chicken

Two Piece Chicken Wings

Side Orders Veggies

The perfect side kick

Marinated cottage cheese finger

Ultra spicy fried cauliflower Pops

Golden fried Potato Pops

The real Indian masala french fries

Your favourite french fries, always Satis-Fries

Thick Shake Smoothies

The real Mango Treat

Bluberry dipped smoothy

Chocolate oreo Thick shake

Icy thick coffee

Hazzelnut chocolate smoothy

Tangy Orange smoothy

Black current smoothy

frozen Strawberry smoothy

Veg Burgers

Extra large 5″ Hot & Spicy Burger with double patty topped with Jalapeno and Olives

Cottage Cheese burger with maxican salsa flavour

Spicy marinated Cottage cheese burger

Spicy treat with extra large patty for extra large hunger

The real Masala burger patty dipped in smoked sauce

Crisp golden potato patties sandwiches in buns, topped with veggies

Veg Pizza

Pizza topped with Jalepeno and Black Olives

Onion Tomato Capsicum Pizza

Veg Wraps

The mood swingerr wrap

Salsa Cottage Cheese wrapped in baked tortilla

Ultimate spicy treat for People de Piquant

Cottage Cheese wrap with a twist of peppery

Munch nuggets wrapped in love

Wildely Delicious veg wrap with golden fried pops